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Construction & Building Issues, including Mechanics Liens & Construction Defects

  The attorneys at Hanes & Bartels have assisted clients in most every aspect of the construction and building process, on both sides of the hammer.

We have represented homeowners in negotiating their way through the construction process, the contract, the construction loan, review of warranties and closing.

We have represented general contractors and subcontractors at every level, in the private and governmental sectors. We know the mechanicís lien process front to back, start to finish. The statute protects contractors who have not been paid as they should, but it is a procedural mind field. We have successfully foreclosed on properly filed mechanicís liens and our clients were paid. On the other side, we have defeated and released improperly recorded liens.

If you are the victim of bad workmanship, we will assist you with the claims process and the review of the warranties you are entitled to. We have helped homeowners and business owners in the assessment of construction defects, with a number of area experts we have worked with in the past.

Call us at (719) 260-7900 to arrange a time to come in and discuss questions and issues regarding your building project matters.

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